11 May, 2017

The Foundation of the Lawton School

Let it be known that Highsec is not a risk-free theme park.

Praise the Saviour James 315 for excellence in stewardship of His territory 0.5 and higher.

Permit enquiries may be addressed to Professor Lawrence Lawton or any Knight of the Order.

Foundational Statement:

While it is undeniable that highsec miners are scum of the lowest order, it must be remembered that they are that way entirely by their own choices, and need not remain that way. Even a career miner is capable of reinventing himself and becoming a dignified capsuleer worthy of respect.

What the carebears don't realize is that just because a capsuleer mines today does not mean that he is incapable of self-improvement! I will not stand by while they deny miners a future.

In the spirit of saving miners, The Lawton School for Pubbies Who Can't Mine Good has been established.

A thorough study of the School's killboard will serve to educate even the densest miner on how to avoid making an appearance on it. The inevitable conclusion must be that mining outside of compliance with The Code is an unsuitable occupation, and perhaps, that the occupation of highsec mining is unsuitable altogether!

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The Foundation of the Lawton School